Write The Vision And Make It Plain

As I begin my new journey here at Leaders in Training, I want to begin by clarifying my vision for this blog site. My purpose is to learn as much about leadership as I can. I want to share my journey, what I have learned as a leader, in hopes that some new leader or novice may learn from my mistakes, and my successes. I want to coach potential leaders, novices and seasoned leaders. That’s what I get to do everyday and I want to share what I do, what works, and what doesn’t work. I want to learn from my audience and I want to challenge potential leaders or “wanna be” leaders to step up and step out and begin to lead.

Leadership is a missing ingredient in this country today. We have people in positions of leadership, but where are they really taking us? I am not confident in our current leaders and we have another generation of people coming up that will one day lead this country. What will they use as a model for leadership? Who will they use as a mentor?

Vision by definition is the act or power of seeing. Unusual discernment or foresight. Seeing something before it is manifested in the natural realm. Great leaders have great vision. They see what they want to accomplish or where they want to go before they ever get there. Great leaders have vision and they can tell you about it. They can write it down and you will be able to begin to see life form out of the vision of a person.

As I sat in a meeting yesterday afternoon, I realized that our leader, our visionary declares his vision to us on a regular basis. He rehearses the vision with us, he gives us examples, he lives it and breathes it every day. Our responsibility as leaders in the organization is to grab the vision and run with it. Our responsibility is to rehearse the vision, live and breath the vision and share the vision with those who are following us.

As a leader if you have no vision, no one will follow you. Why? Because you can’t take them any where. It is as simple as that. With vision, you can run, knowing you have a destination, without it, you are stalled and the people are stalled and eventually they will find someone else to follow.

For new leaders or novices – check your vision. Can you see clearly where you need to take your team or organization? If it is not clear to you, how will they run? If you are not clear on the destination, stop and reassess. Take some time, a season, to be alone and get clear about where you need to lead people. Notice I didn’t say where you want to lead people. Your leadership, your vision must be connected to purpose and destiny.

For seasoned leaders – check to see if the troops are running with the vision. Is there a blueprint that they are following? Are they off track or on point? Has the vision been diluted by the cares of the day or the challenges you are facing? Write the vision and make it plain that your team may run with it. Go back and rehearse the vision, declare the vision, rewrite the vision, and live the vision!


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