Feedback for Leaders

Giving and receiving feedback is critical for the success of leaders. Many leaders enjoy giving others feedback, but they don’t always want to get it. Not receiving or not being willing to receive feedback can be a fatal mistake for leaders who want to excel. For new leaders or even seasoned leaders check yourself. How do you respond when people give you feedback. Do you bristle? Do you put up walls? Do you create a hostile environment or hostile workplace because of feedback you have been given? Do a pulse check and see what you do and how you respond.

For new leaders or novices: Be open to feedback. You will not grow beyond where you are today without hearing both positive and constructive feedback. One recommendation I would make to you as a novice, seek out the constructive feedback. Even the kind that hurts. Listen to the feedback and then decide what you are going to do about it. Don’t ignore it, but don’t be reactionary either. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Use it to grow! Process what is being said and determine how you can use the feedback to grow up and be a better leader.

For seasoned leaders: Be open. Don’t be quick to dismiss feedback you have received. What if what is being said is true? That is always the first question to ask yourself when you receive feedback. Is it true? Don’t judge or dismiss the person that gives the feedback. Move past that and assess what is being said. Once you identify whether it is true or false, decide what you are willing to do about it. You may not be willing to do anything about it, but don’t ignore it. If the feedback is consistent with what you have heard in the past, you may want to consider an action plan and begin to do some work. If it is not true or you have never heard it before, tuck it away. File it in your memory bank and move on. If it comes up again, consider what you are willing to do to deal with the feedback you are receiving.

Feedback is about growth. If you dismiss feedback because of who you are receiving the feedback from, you may miss an opportunity to stretch and grow. Stunted growth means you are regressing and eventually you will hinder forward progress! Think about it!

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