Politicians – Kids in the Sandbox?

As I have listened to the news over the last several weeks, I am disappointed as an American citizen. On many levels our immediate future hinges on a group of men and women in our nation’s capital playing nice in the sandbox of the Senate, the White House and the House of Representatives. Unfortunately, they have forgotten they are there to serve the people of this nation and not their political agenda.

The press conferences over recent days looks like children throwing sand at one another and there seems to be no adult supervision for either side to reset and begin to listen one another, to play together – to work together. We as a country, a great country I might add have lost something over the years. We have lost our patriotism. We have lost our ‘fight’, that innate thing that drives us as Americans to play to win, to live to win. Instead of ensuring the success of this nation, we have settled for infighting. It’s not about the success of a nation, it is about the success of individuals. It’s about being right rather than doing the right thing for this nation.

What happened to our elected officials serving the American people that elected them to their respective offices? What happened to working together for the good of this nation, for the union? The issues that we face as a nation concerning the debt is not a simple issue. It’s not. I am not sure how much of it I truly understand. But what I do know is that we can not allow the elected officials in this country determine our future because they can’t work together. We are better than that as a nation. This country was founded on unity – uniting for a common purpose. I am weary of the finger pointing that I see coming out of Washington, D.C. Where is the leadership?

Leadership is about serving, not about blaming.

Leadership is about accountability and ownership for the results we have in our organizations both good and bad. I don’t see ownership or accountability, I see men and women more concerned about what they want, rather than ensuring that the needs of this nation are met. It doesn’t matter who is right and who is wrong. It doesn’t matter whose idea it is, it only matters that we work together to handle the challenging issues facing this nation. It’s possible for kids that disagree to find peace in the sandbox. It takes choosing to share, choosing to listen, and choosing to play nice. If kids can find their way past their differences, how much more should the politicians in the greater sandbox of D.C. find their way to peace through learning to work together so that we can move forward in this nation?


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