The Value of New Seasons

I wonder how many leaders just lead. Every day, day in and day out without a thought about the season they may or may not be in. Good leaders have vision, strategy, goals, accomplishments, failures and the beat goes on. But…one day in the middle of life, living and leading something happens and they are forced to stop the madness…

Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall

When life happens and you are forced to stop, it’s probably an opportunity to reassess and begin to embrace a new season. That’s my current status. I am laying on my back as I write this blog post. I was living my life and then I jumped up and in a moment – with a pop – my world has seemingly shifted and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, I have entered a new season. A season of introspection, a season of evaluation, a season of transition, because as surely as any season we walk through, this season will pass and a new season will be waiting for me on the other side. So I am embracing this new season…a season of stillness, a season of allowing others to HELP me, a season of rest (for my mind, my body, my spirit), a season of ….

The value of these seasons becomes evident through the journey. If you are anything like me, I resist these kinds of seasons and yet, they can be the most valuable season for a leader who is wiling to learn the lessons, apply the lessons and move forward. I can’t tell you the value of this current season I find myself in, but I know it will become clearer as I navigate the waters and resist fighting the process and see the goodness of my God in the midst. I am alive, not that it was ever a doubt through my injury…I just acknowledge that there are worse places to be (like 6 feet under) rather then in my current spot – my bed! And I am grateful for this place.

For new leaders or novices – When the season is obviously changing in your world, don’t fight it. Like the sunshine, the wind, the rain, and the storms of life, you can’t stop them from happening. That is God’s business. He determines the seasons, the length of the seasons and daily lessons within each day of the season. Embrace the season and you will find the value.

For seasoned leaders – When the season is obviously changing in your world, don’t fight it. Embrace it! Go with it! Move with it! Learn from it! So that in the due season of your life, you will have a testimony of the lessons learned and you will teach another how to walk through the new seasons they will inevitably experience in their lives.

Whether you are seasoned or a new leader, remember that ultimately you will determine the value of each and every season you walk through in life. No one can define it for you. By definition the word value (verb) means to consider with respect to worth, excellence, usefulness or importance. So the value you place on the new seasons life has to offer will help you traverse the potentially treacherous terrain or difficult lessons. But if you can find value in the journey and the lessons think how much more valuable your life will become to you and others around you!

2 thoughts on “The Value of New Seasons

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