Writing Challenge: Lost Love Letter

Hmmm, what is this? Oh my, it is a letter…but who uses snail mail these day? As I reach for the letter I see footprints, mud splotches and it looks like it may be torn. I am curious…someone took the time to write this letter and it is obviously lost. I peel back the pieces of the envelop that are left and there is one fold in this letter. A stale aroma of perfume wafts off the letter as I open it. There are incomplete sentences due to the tear, but the majority of the letter looks like it is still in tact.

Love LetterAugust 31, 2014

My Darling!

I enjoyed our time last night. The restaurant you selected…

I am amazed that you remember how much I love…

After all these year’s we’ve…

I spent hours preparing for our date night. Thinking of you and all that….

I love you so much! My passion for you is stronger than I really can put into…

I am forever yours! Just thinking about you makes my heart flutter! How can that be?

I pray you never stop loving me. I know I will never stop loving you!

All my love, your Darling!

This love letter is precious for the one who lost it. I wonder if there is anyway I can get it back to them….

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