3 Reasons Leadership Advice is Useless…Or Not

Three Reasons Why Most Leadership Advice is Useless. That felt like a punch to my gut as I attempt to wax elegant about the value of Leadership Advice here at Leaders in Training. Maybe I am naive, even after all the years I have been leading, to think that maybe I can help someone else who finds themselves struggling to lead.

LeadershipIn an effort to be open to the possibility that I am wasting my time downloading my experience and sharing my “wisdom”, I thought I would write about the fact that Most Leadership Advice is Useless. 

Here are 3 Reasons Leadership Advice is Useless:

  1. Leadership advice is useless if wanna be leaders don’t consider that maybe they don’t know. Thereby ignoring advice or wisdom given by those who have been there and done that…Being loyal to your minds conclusion about any given situation both people related or project related is a good way to fail miserably as a leader.
  2. Leadership advice is useless if wanna be leaders don’t understand that ultimately they as the leader or potential leader must be willing to walk their journey. Advice is just that…advice. Advice is not a one-size fits all. Assess the advice, see what fits and take what you can but understand that every situation, project or person deserves a unique solution for their situation. What works for one doesn’t necessarily work for all.
  3. Leadership advice is useless if the source of the advice is only regurjetating theory. Leadership is experiential. Theory is great for a lab or textbook, but at the end of the day, leadership is about getting your hands in the mix. I use my hands and feet when I am actively grooming potential leaders. I am not drawing from some theoretical approach. It is about what is happening right now in any given situation that they are facing.

These are my 3 Reasons Leadership Advice is Useless…or Not…Let me say one last thing on this topic…I Advicemay never be a Steve Jobs or John Maxwell for that matter. However, I do believe that mentoring and grooming is an important, vital responsibility for those of us who have life and leadership experience. I may never be the CEO of a large Fortune 500 Company, but one of my ducklings (this is a Darleneism), might just scale the odds and become great in this nation and even in the world. I have a responsibility to teach, train, groom, mentor and advise those in my sphere of influence that aspire to be a leader. Most leadership advice may be useless, but if I can say one thing to that one person who becomes the next great leader…I may be forgotten, but my influence will live on in the life of that great leader. Thereby leaving a legacy. If that is all I get for my efforts of coaching and developing the next generation of leaders and I am forgotten or obscure, I am okay with that.

I know there are probably more reasons why leadership advice is useless. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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