Under Construction

Under ConstructionUnder construction signs magnify to the world around them to be cautious because there is work being done – dangerous work. The phrase “Under Construction” is the time period that exists after a building’s construction starts through the time before a certificate of occupancy is granted. There are potential dangers around a construction site. From heavy and small equipment, that most people don’t know how to operate. To holes, and wood, hammers and nails. There is a lot of things going on around a construction site. Kinda like our lives. There is much going in us and around us. As leaders we have a responsibility for the safety of others – people who are “Under Construction.”

As I drove past a construction site early this morning I saw the connection between a construction site for building a new building and the construction site in the lives of people – leaders and the people we lead. We are all “Under Construction!” Can you see the analogy? Each of us, even the leader is “Under Construction.” Or at least we should be. None of us are a finished work, though we live as though we are. Not so! It can take a small crew or even a large crew of men and women to handle the arduos job of building a building. Beginning with clearing the land so that the work can begin, the actual laying of the foundation, to constructing the frame and hanging sheet rock, to the wiring of the building and setting in windows, laying carpet, getting a roof on and walking through all of the various inspections through to occupancy. Who are you allowing to touch the soil of your life and build?

I want to begin a series of post on the importance of growth and growing. On allowing others to help construct us and shape us into all that we need to become.

Like buildings, there is a purpose for our lives. As a leader, you must grow-up. You must allow others to use their expertise, much like a construction site employs various professionals to oversee and complete specific work, so that the building will pass inspection and we are able to occupy it. In my series, we as individuals will represent the building. We are the final product. As far as I know, I don’t believe a building has ever constructed itself without the help of lots of hands, a community. Yes, I am from the generation that still believes it takes a community to raise children. I also believe that behind every great leader are mentors and teachers and coaches and family members that represent the community that shape us into who we are. We have lost site of that, but maybe I will find a way to speak to that in this series of post. Here are some thoughts to consider as I begin to develop my post over the next several weeks:

1. We ALL need a strong foundation. Without it the building will falter and maybe even collapse.

2. We ALL need mentors, master crafts men and women to help shape us.

3. We ALL have an original blueprint and it is important to ensure we understand the design…

4. We ALL need to be healthy – internally and externally.

5. We ALL need to be inspected…really? Really!

6. We ALL have value – whose life are you adding value to as a leader?

7. We ALL influence, either for good or for not so good!

And there is more. These are some thoughts I have as I develop the idea that we are “Under Construction.” Be open to the possibility that I may be missing something. I look forward to your contribution! Feel free to share your ideas about my analogy. Or if you get it and you know there is an area you would like me to cover as I construct these posts, please share it in the comments. I am off to get my hands dirty shaping the lives I get to shape. More next week!


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