About the Author – Darlene (McDaniel) Marshall

My name is Darlene (McDaniel) Marshall, I am a facilitator of process! I have a passion for people development, specifically leadership development. I spent over 12 years in corporate America building a career in human resources, specifically training and development. My desire to share the “secrets” to successfully navigating the interview process is what led me to write my first career blog known as Interview Chatter. I spent 3 years as a blogger and career columnist for b5media as a member of the bizzia.com blog network.Today, I run two schools, one for big people and one for little people. My focus is leadership development. My recommendations are not silver bullets, nor a guarantee, but if you apply the principles I share, you will be successful! I have a passion for the color purple! I love to read, write and sing! I live in Baltimore, MD.