It’s Better to Give Orders

LeadershipBack in January of 1983 my father told me, “it is better to give orders than to take orders.”  Those words have resonated in my life since that day. I have never forgotten them. I believe I have always been a leader, but those words my father spoke to me caused me to think….as I was headed to basic training as a private “no rank”.  What I realized while I was being trained by the Army is that I wanted to be like the drill sergeants who were large and in-charge. I thought, “I can do what they are doing.”

The problem was, I was a private. I had no rank, no voice, and no experience. I had nothing credible going for me that would allow me to be in charge. That being said, I began to wonder, how do I get to be the one giving orders and not just taking orders?” It took me about 2 weeks of Basic Training to get a “promotion” to being a squad leader. I honestly don’t remember how it happened, but I know I got the opportunity and I held that leadership role for the duration of the training. That minor distinction while going through Basic Training gave me the opportunity to be a leader to 10 other ladies and that was cool.

Leadership was in me and my father knew it way back then. I have been in countless leadership roles since that day. I will share my experiences on this blog. I have spent the last 30 plus years sharpening my leadership skills and growing others around me who are high potential leaders. The purpose of this blog is to share what I have learned both from my personal experience and the experience I have seen with those I get to groom. The topics of this blog will be vast. Ultimately my purpose is to provide nuggets of wisdom for experienced leaders and leadership principles for those who are inexperienced or novices.

I will eventually publish a book with my intellectual property for this blog. I believe I am an excellent leader and I want to share my knowledge with those who struggle to be strong leaders. As I look at my life, and all that I have accomplished, I can assure you that I am in agreement with my dad, “it is better to give orders than to take orders.”  I have enjoyed most organizations and groups I have led over the years. Some jobs have been easier than others but I have grown from every experience. If you are a novice, look for the nuggets that I have expressly targeted for you. Feel free to ask questions and share your experiences and/or struggles. If you are an experienced leader, you will find nuggets for you as well. I am very interested in hearing your experiences as well. Share your knowledge here. Ask questions and present scenarios that we can discuss here. My overall purpose is to pour my life lessons on leadership into the next generation of leaders. We need more leaders and I intend to do my best to influence as many young leaders as I can. Join me on the journey!



Welcome to Leaders in Training! This is my place and space for downloading my thoughts on leadership. I work with potential leaders and leaders everyday and I know there are things that come out of my mouth that help new leaders grow and develop into solid leaders. Hence the name Leaders in Training. My desire is to share nuggets on leadership that may assist the most effective leaders to the novice – the leaders in training.

You are welcome to ask questions, share your comments and thoughts and I absolutely love a healthy debate. Share your ideas and your experience as a leader. I believe we can learn from our successes and our failures, so if you are game, jump into the dialog and lets chat! I look forward to connecting with you on my journey to completing my book called Leaders in Training!