Trump is not the Savior

This morning as I was reading the Word, I thought about the comments on my Facebook page as a result of my last article, Political Chat: The Aftermath. I thought about all of my friends who are Donald Trump supporters and choose to vote for Trump, okay. I am fine with that…your vote, your choice! But if you believe Trump will save America, you are sorely mistaken or deceived. Trump is not the Savior! donald-trump

The mess we are in will not be solved by one man – certainly not this man! Albert Einstein says, “the significant problems we face, can’t be solved at the same level we were at when we created them.” As different as Trump may be from the establishment in Washington D.C. he is still part of the problem. Just listen to the mess that comes out of his mouth. The Bible says, “out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” You may enjoy his brash, self-centered style and personality. His temperament may not move you away from him, but the things that come out of his mouth are important. He doesn’t endear women or minorities with his one-liners and comments. He has no edit button. That is unfortunate. And that should at least cause each of us to pause when making our selection in the voting booth in November.

As the days move toward election day, I see myself and you as the hiring manager for the next Commander in Chief of this great nation. We better be wise in our choice. There are significant core competencies that we should consider when making a hiring decision. Professionalism is one of them. Looking presidential may be the more appropriate term in this case. However my term, professionalism works. My definition of professionalism speaks to how an individual will represent us both in this nation and abroad. His representation of us as a nation matters.  That is not Trump’s strength. I don’t want to wake up every morning and hear on the news that our President has embarrassed himself and us in the process because he has no couth. Because he has no edit button. Because he doesn’t care what people think of him.

Character matters when it comes to leadership. The definition of character: “the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual.” Every day when Trump opens his mouth, we see and hear the distinctive moral qualities he embodies. He makes it difficult for the hiring managers of this nation, the voters, to say yes to him. If Trump were interviewing for a CEO position we would have crossed him off the list long ago. The fact that we consider him a viable candidate to run this nation amazes me. Is he better than Clinton, absolutely, but definitely by a nose. My prediction for this election, it will be a photo finish. Neither of them may get enough electoral votes to be the definitive winner…then what?



How Long Do You Carry a Poor Performer?

What if you had a poor performer on your team? How long is too long to carry them on the team?

What If?One of my ducklings is leading a project. He has someone who is not performing and we are 2 weeks from the go live date on the project. As a mentor coach, I have recommended he remove the person from the project. The individual is not committed to performing at a high level (based on performance to date) and their poor performance will impact the project significantly. What would you do? How much longer would you attempt to coach this person through their obvious lack of commitment? Would you remove them? If so, how?

This post is a response to yesterday’s post, “What if you have a Poor Performer?” When you have someone who is not performing, it is critical that you handle the situation with some urgency. Too many leaders, including the one I am writing about today, make excuses and justifications for the poor performance of those they are leading. That is not good leadership.

When you are dealing with an issue, you must do something different. You must see the problem from a different perspective then maybe the perspective you were at when you made the decision to select this leader or when the project was assigned. Don’t expect that the problem will go away without your intervention. Without you making some hard decisions about the project and those who are handling the project, including and especially the project leaders. Here is one of my favorite quotes by Albert Einstein

“The significant problems we face today, can’t be solved at the same level we were at when we created them.”

Too many times Novices and Experienced Leaders alike will put off making the hard decision because they are afraid of hurting the person’s feelings. They are afraid the project can’t possibly go on without that individual. That is just not true. Ultimately, it is critical that you make leadership decisions that ensure the best result for the project and  the people or persons. And sometimes removing the person is the best result for both. Fear will kill your leadership. Being fearful to make a decision will put your leadership in question. Leaders make hard decisions. Period.

When success is in jeopardy, assess the situation, identify potential options and solutions and make a decision. Yes, there is wisdom in the multitude of counsel. Yes, you should consider all the players, and the expected outcome of the project. But don’t let the project fail because you are afraid to remove a poor performer (project leader or otherwise). If you are two weeks out from the deliverable date on a project and the leader is the primary reason the project may not be successful – FIRE the leader and get someone else in there that can help the project be successful.