Trump is not the Savior

This morning as I was reading the Word, I thought about the comments on my Facebook page as a result of my last article, Political Chat: The Aftermath. I thought about all of my friends who are Donald Trump supporters and choose to vote for Trump, okay. I am fine with that…your vote, your choice! But if you believe Trump will save America, you are sorely mistaken or deceived. Trump is not the Savior! donald-trump

The mess we are in will not be solved by one man – certainly not this man! Albert Einstein says, “the significant problems we face, can’t be solved at the same level we were at when we created them.” As different as Trump may be from the establishment in Washington D.C. he is still part of the problem. Just listen to the mess that comes out of his mouth. The Bible says, “out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” You may enjoy his brash, self-centered style and personality. His temperament may not move you away from him, but the things that come out of his mouth are important. He doesn’t endear women or minorities with his one-liners and comments. He has no edit button. That is unfortunate. And that should at least cause each of us to pause when making our selection in the voting booth in November.

As the days move toward election day, I see myself and you as the hiring manager for the next Commander in Chief of this great nation. We better be wise in our choice. There are significant core competencies that we should consider when making a hiring decision. Professionalism is one of them. Looking presidential may be the more appropriate term in this case. However my term, professionalism works. My definition of professionalism speaks to how an individual will represent us both in this nation and abroad. His representation of us as a nation matters.  That is not Trump’s strength. I don’t want to wake up every morning and hear on the news that our President has embarrassed himself and us in the process because he has no couth. Because he has no edit button. Because he doesn’t care what people think of him.

Character matters when it comes to leadership. The definition of character: “the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual.” Every day when Trump opens his mouth, we see and hear the distinctive moral qualities he embodies. He makes it difficult for the hiring managers of this nation, the voters, to say yes to him. If Trump were interviewing for a CEO position we would have crossed him off the list long ago. The fact that we consider him a viable candidate to run this nation amazes me. Is he better than Clinton, absolutely, but definitely by a nose. My prediction for this election, it will be a photo finish. Neither of them may get enough electoral votes to be the definitive winner…then what?



Political Chat: The Aftermath

The debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was over about 30 to 40 minutes in.trump__clinton Clearly Donald Trump was unprepared. As a leader, that is unacceptable. Period. He had no business showing up on the national stage for all the world to see, with no plan. Donald had zero response for obvious issues Hillary would use as ammunition to support her bid for the Presidency, i.e. the temperament rant.

Donald Trump, “doing Donald” doesn’t work if he wants to be President of this great nation. At least not for this voter.

In the Aftermath of this debate, I am disappointed. Hillary Clinton is a “no” vote for me. I will save that for another day. When the options are selecting the lesser of two evils, both candidates better come out swinging for the fence. Having a tantrum and whining about how your being mistreated won’t garner votes.

I take my privilege to vote very seriously. I will vote in November. The problem is neither of these presidential candidates has earned the privilege to represent me in Washington D.C. for the next 4 years. What’s a voter to do?

Raise Your Voice – Pray

Why does something tragic have to happen for us to bend our knees and pray to the God who created us? So many times over the years, when a tragedy hits, we find ourselves as a nation running to the church, a church; some place of worship where we find solace and peace, comfort and hope. Yet every day seemingly, we deceive ourselves into believing that we can do this thing called life without the guidance, peace, comfort and hope that we find in prayer in the midst of a tragedy. Are we morbid? I think not! But in a time and season of war and turbulence across this country and in the nations abroad, we miss the mark when we fail to reach out, to cry out, to fall on our knees and pray.prayer

  • When the planes crashed into the world trade center, people prayed for this country…
  • When bombs went off in Oklahoma people found their way to church and they prayed…
  • When airplanes crash or boats sink, or kids shoot kids in school people pray…
  • When people die, people pray…
  • When people find themselves facing surgery or get a life altering diagnosis from the doctor, people pray…
  • When the constitution for this country was written men and women wept and prayed…

What will it take for us, in this generation to decide that it is better to get ahead of the tragedies of life by bending? By falling on our knees and crying out to an unseen God? The Bible says in 2 Chronicles 7:14 “if my people, who are called by name would humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore, or heal their land.”

This land we call America needs healing. We as people need healing. From sea to shining sea, we need healing. From coast to coast, city to city, home to home, person to person we need the Master’s touch. We need to turn from our wicked ways and allow God to heal us!

Won’t you decide to raise your voice today and every day, and cry out for this nation, for our leaders, for your family and give God the space to step into your life. Prayer changes things. You already know that. Raise your voice and pray blessing and peace over our nation. Raise your voice and pray grace over your city. Grab someone and pray for them, their situation and watch God be God and show up right in the midst! God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all you could ever ask or think, but you have to invite him in. How? Raise your voice and PRAY!

Leaders Can Burn Out

As I spent time this morning in our prayer room, this post began to formulate in me. I am working on improving my blog and I am in the midst of a 30 day writing challenge. This is the writing challenge for Day one “Free Write for 20 Minutes – Unlock Your Mind!” I am going to do my best not to edit this post and just write as it comes. Enjoy!

Unlock Your MindI began to think about why leaders get burned out. As I thought about it, these three thoughts came to me:

  • 1. Whose drinking from you well?
  • 2. How do you replenish your well?
  • 3. Athletes actually eat more calories than the average person because they burn it off.

Let’s start with the first thought:

Whose drinking from your well?

Who do you pour your life into every day? Your employees, your family, your neighbors, your students? Whose drinking from your wellspring of life? Do you find yourself on empty at the end of every day? May be you are already empty and all people are getting are the dregs of your well…You may be burned out or you are well on your way to being burned out.

How do you replenish your well?

Every leader gets tired or drained at some point. It is imperative that you take some time to replenish your well so that those that look to you for strength and sustenance can find it. Imagine being thirsty and dipping your cup in the only well that is available for miles and finding no water there to drink. That is unacceptable for leaders. When you are the captain of the ship, the lead dog, the head haunch, you have to have something to sustain your organization and the people that make up your organization. What do you do to replenish your well? Some people replenish their inner well with:

  1. Exercise
  2. Prayer
  3. Thinking
  4. Reading
  5. Getting away
  6. Reading a book
  7. Sleeping
  8. Writing

Athletes actually eat more calories than the average person because when they do what they do, they get depleted. In other words, their training depletes them. They need the extra calories for energy. So eating more calories helps them continue to grow and train for their next event. I believe this principle is similar for leaders. You may not be training your body for the next marathon or the next athletic competition but when you are the one people draw from every day, you better be increasing your “caloric” intake to ensure that your well does not run dry.

Prayer replenishes my well. I can see times in my life when I prayed consistently and there was strength in my life to show for it. I can also see times when my prayer life waned and I was easily depleted by the workload and lives of people I was leading. Prayer helps me recharge and feel strengthened. It is an inner thing. It helps me draw near to the creator of the universe. It helps me to hear and get downloads, much like this post. I was praying and these thoughts or this download came to me. I stopped praying and let the thoughts come and I captured them on paper right there in the prayer room.

What works for you? If you don’t know – you should. It is very easy for people to drain you – to drain your well. There are other people who help fill your tank. Be vigilant to know which people are which. Do what you must do to draw away on a consistent basis and get your tank filled again so that burn out does not become your portion!

Politicians – Kids in the Sandbox?

As I have listened to the news over the last several weeks, I am disappointed as an American citizen. On many levels our immediate future hinges on a group of men and women in our nation’s capital playing nice in the sandbox of the Senate, the White House and the House of Representatives. Unfortunately, they have forgotten they are there to serve the people of this nation and not their political agenda.

The press conferences over recent days looks like children throwing sand at one another and there seems to be no adult supervision for either side to reset and begin to listen one another, to play together – to work together. We as a country, a great country I might add have lost something over the years. We have lost our patriotism. We have lost our ‘fight’, that innate thing that drives us as Americans to play to win, to live to win. Instead of ensuring the success of this nation, we have settled for infighting. It’s not about the success of a nation, it is about the success of individuals. It’s about being right rather than doing the right thing for this nation.

What happened to our elected officials serving the American people that elected them to their respective offices? What happened to working together for the good of this nation, for the union? The issues that we face as a nation concerning the debt is not a simple issue. It’s not. I am not sure how much of it I truly understand. But what I do know is that we can not allow the elected officials in this country determine our future because they can’t work together. We are better than that as a nation. This country was founded on unity – uniting for a common purpose. I am weary of the finger pointing that I see coming out of Washington, D.C. Where is the leadership?

Leadership is about serving, not about blaming.

Leadership is about accountability and ownership for the results we have in our organizations both good and bad. I don’t see ownership or accountability, I see men and women more concerned about what they want, rather than ensuring that the needs of this nation are met. It doesn’t matter who is right and who is wrong. It doesn’t matter whose idea it is, it only matters that we work together to handle the challenging issues facing this nation. It’s possible for kids that disagree to find peace in the sandbox. It takes choosing to share, choosing to listen, and choosing to play nice. If kids can find their way past their differences, how much more should the politicians in the greater sandbox of D.C. find their way to peace through learning to work together so that we can move forward in this nation?

Leader’s in Training

Today I had the opportunity to meet with our Children’s Ministry Director about our Leader’s in Training (LIT) program. We will be teaching young people ages 10-12 about leadership. It will be an interactive, technology driven and hands on opportunity for young people to learn about leadership. They will also have opportunities to actually lead other young campers.

We seem to be deficient in leadership in this country. To have an opportunity to awaken leadership in the hearts of young people is exciting. The best part will be to see these young people blossom over the summer. My desire is to see them understand who they are and their eventual impact on those in their generation as they continue to grow up.

Are we leadership deficient in this country? I think so. Some key qualities missing from those in leadership positions today include integrity, vision, strong character. These are just a few qualities that need to be developed in our young LIT’s.