Political Chat: Lesser of Two Evils?

lesser-of-two-evilsAs I settle in tonight to watch the upcoming Presidential debate between Donald Trump
and Hillary Clinton I thought I would take a moment and share my thoughts prior to this “epic” debate.  I have been watching the shenanigans for a while.

Here are some of my thoughts:

  1. Leaders should not be determined on a scale defined as the “lesser of two evils”. We own this foolishness as a nation. It is our responsibility as voters to set the standard of leadership in this country. Not the politicians or the wanna be politicians. Surely we have better options in this great country – the United States of America.
  2. Leaders in every sphere of our country should represent the people they are leading. Neither of these two people represent me the way I would like to be represented. How about you?
  3. Leaders should have clearly defined values. When determining who should lead me (or you)…those values should be in alignment with my values (and yours).
  4. Leaders should have integrity. There should be no question about that…
  5. Leaders should work well under pressure. Decisions should not be based on a “knee jerk” reaction.
  6. The leader of this nation should uphold the constitution! This nation was founded on very strong principles and values. Those principles and values allow these two candidates to run for office. Neither of them have my permission to rewrite the script for this nation.

I don’t want to make my decision for this election based on the “lesser of two evils.” And yet here we are. I want to support the candidate I vote for. But I am not convinced by either of these two candidates. It is a sad commentary on us as a nation that these two people represent our best option to be the leader of the greatest nation in the world. It saddens my heart…  I don’t trust Hillary Clinton. I don’t believe Hillary is honest. The truth still matters. Being trustworthy matters. Convince me Hillary that my perception of you is wrong…

I don’t particularly like Donald Trump. He is brash, and rude. I believe he can lead this country but I don’t think he “plays nice in the sandbox.” I want to like my President. I am not looking for a syrupy sweet President but I believe my leader should be likable. “People do business with people they like.” At the same time, I want to know my leader will make the tough decisions as it pertains to keeping this nation safe. Neither of these two candidates have convinced me yet that they are the one.

I am looking forward to watching the debate. My hope is that we move away from the “lesser of two evils” to a clear candidate that will represent this nation well for every citizen in the land!