Millennial’s Matter in November


Back in September I wrote an article called “Trump is not the Savior”. I received this private comment/message on my Facebook page from an 18 year old millennial:

“I totally agree with your article concerning Donald Trump. My own thoughts on this are as follows: If God is going to use Trump as a modern day Cyrus, what justification do people have to make this claim? Both don’t behave in a Godly manner and both have been placed in an unholy nation suffering moral decay-those are the only similarities. But if that is the case then why couldn’t Hillary or Obama be Cyrus? They are as equally unrighteous. Moreover one thing that disturbs me about Trump is his demeanor. As a part of the younger generation I have been told that I (my generation) is brash, disrespectful, loud mouthed, and rude. We have been told this by our elders who expect us to change. But why should I change when the older generation seeks to an elect a leader that is just as disrespectful, rude, and loud mouth as ourselves. It seems quite ironic to me and perhaps that’s why so many of my peers feel distanced by his stances. These are just my thoughts, I didn’t feel compelled to comment for the sake of keeping the peace and not starting a political feud….”

This comment and these questions have been stirring in me since I got this note. I can’t say that I have a word from God about either of these candidates. Is Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton a modern-day Cyrus? I don’t know.

Here is a quote I found that may help, Cyrus was anointed by God to restore the Jewish people from captivity and to rebuild Jerusalem after Nebuchadnezzar, as a vessel of divine judgment, was called by God to send the Jewish people into exile and to destroy Jerusalem. Two pagan kings, one raised up to bring judgment and the other raised up to bring restoration.

Is Donald Trump a Cyrus or a Nebuchadnezzar, if either? Let God be God, and only time will tell.”

What I do know is that Millennials are looking at the character of these two candidates and what they see and hear matters to them. It is hypocritical to expect young people to be respectful, and kind and yet we have leaders in our nation who can’t seem to behave with civility in this election process.

Trump has several character flaws. Hillary can’t tell the truth. Either way, as a millennial you get to decide how you will behave. You be accountable for your behavior, and your choices. The President of the United States should be a role model for the young people in this nation. But whether he/she is, you choose how you will conduct your business and how you will handle issues you face in your life.

So, how should millennials vote during this election cycle? My recommendation is to vote based on your values and principles. For many millennials that may cause you to pause. You may have to take some time and define your values. Once you define them, grab the information from both parties/candidates and see where you find alignment. Where do the candidates stand on the issues and how do they align with what is most important to you?

The definition of values: a person’s principles or standards of behavior; one’s judgment of what is important in life. If you go into the voting booth and vote based on what’s most important to you, you will leave the voting booth with no regrets. No matter who wins this election.

Voting on personality won’t get the job done in November. Both candidates are fallible human beings. There is no way as a voter you can make a decision with these two, Trump and Hillary, based on the strength of the their character. They both fail miserably. For my young friend that left the comment, character won’t help you make the decision in the voting booth. Knowing where each candidates stand on the issues is critical for you.

Here are some things to consider when preparing to go to the polls in three weeks:

  1. Sanctity of Life
  2. Marriage – and the definition of marriage
  3. Religious Freedom
  4. Federal Judge Appointments – This is significant during this election cycle – the decisions made by the next President of the United States will impact us for the next 40 years or more
  5. National Defense
  6. Terrorism
  7. Human Rights
  8. Immigration
  9. Issues on Poverty
  10. Law and Order
  11. Israel & Jerusalem
  12. Internet Safety and Security

Take some time to educate yourself on both parties. Don’t make your decision in a vacuum or based on personality. Let time unveil whether either of these candidates is a modern day Cyrus. Lastly, go vote on November 8th and make your vote count.